Landscaping in Toronto and Durham

The incredibly varied nature of the weather of the greater Toronto makes it difficult for property owners to keep on top of their landscaping. Harsh winters and boiling summers can make the ever-changing requirements for property maintenance too onerous, particularly if maintenance falls to inexperienced staff members who pick up landscaping jobs on an ad hoc basis.

What’s more, the look and feel of your property have a significant influence on how your business is perceived. Remember, first impressions count. If your grounds are looking unkempt and forlorn, then your clients are not going to be impressed. The standard of care you place on your landscaping is often equated to your ability to deliver your core services, even if the two have no resemblance.

Therefore, you better call in the help of Toronto landscaping experts who can provide a comprehensive landscaping and maintenance package that keeps your property safe, accessible, and looking great throughout the year.

But what does an all-inclusive Toronto landscaping service look like when broken down into its component parts? For that purpose, it’s useful to look at each season in a little more detail.

Toronto Winter Landscaping

At the turn of each year, commercial properties Toronto and the Greater Durham region are in the midst of a cold and quite often snowy winter. Therefore, for the first three months of the year, the focus for property owners should be on keeping their property accessible and safe for clientele during periods of heavy snowfall.

Toronto Winter Storm Fighters!
Beat the winter blues with our winter landscaping services.

Snow clearanceice control and salting, and snow removal are all services that top the wish list at this time of year, and not without good reason. Snowstorms are a common feature of Toronto winters, with some dumping as much as 25cm over the course of 24 hours.

Without a professional snow clearance and removal service in place, not only could your property be left in an inaccessible state for you and your staff members, but you may also lose critical business due to clients being unable to make it to your front door. Worse still, you could be fined by the City of Toronto for not clearing your snow within 24 hours.

After you’ve made use of services such as road plows and trucks to remove snow from parking lots and other business-critical areas, you’ve got the problem of ice. Luckily here at In Bloom Landscaping, we have our own salt supplies to ensure that all of your surfaces remained treated and free of ice throughout the winter. By doing so, you can help to lessen the risk of any accidents and better protect yourself against the threat of unwanted lawsuits.     

Spring Landscaping in Toronto

After the cold and dark winter begins to recede, temperatures rise, the snow starts to melt, and the first signs of greenery begin to reappear. The process commences with a post-winter cleanup. Snow can cover up a multitude of issues (such as trapped debris) that need taking care of once the winter weather recedes.

Enjoy beautiful gardens and green space starting in the spring!

Once everything has been cleared up, it’s time to start the spring landscaping work in earnest. It’s time to get your green space looking as good as new. That exercise begins with aerating your lawn and grassed areas with professional machinery so they can breathe easily again after the long winter months.

Next, the freshly-aerated grass will be thoroughly de-thatched and soiled before seeding so that it can grow into the luscious green carpet you got used to the summer before. The nutrient-rich soil helps to stimulate growth, and the new seeds lap up that fertile soil to thicken up any exposed areas.

For those sections that have been damaged beyond repair during the unforgiving winter months, our Toronto spring landscaping teams are sod installation experts. With continued watering and care after the initial laying process, your sod will help to bring your grounds back to life as the weather continues to warm.

It’s also a great time to begin the pruning and planting process, which helps to bring a touch of welcome color to your site after the previously bleak months of winter. From bright blues to glowing pinks, we’ve got all of your Toronto flower and planting needs covered.  

Summer Landscaping Services in Toronto

In summer, the focus switches from preparation to managing the growth that accompanies the warmer weather and the longer sunlight hours. We ensure continued growth through the effective use of fertilizer. Fertilizing is an ongoing process, and we apply it as and when it is necessary to achieve healthy growth across the summer months.

Property maintenance with a smile all summer long!

Of course, what would summer landscaping services in Toronto be without lawn mowing and grass cutting? Without hiring a professional grounds maintenance company, your lawns can rapidly become overgrown and unkempt, leaving a poor first impression for clients and customers entering your business premises. Regularly-landscaped and freshly-mown grounds can make a massive impact during the summer months.

Here at In Bloom Landscaping, we also pay attention to the small details that make a real difference. That’s why our summer landscaping services in Toronto and the Durham area include both line trimming and edging. Nothing makes a property look untidier than when grass escapes its intended boundaries during periods of rapid growth, ruining planted borders and encroaching onto sidewalks. Our teams use specialist equipment to give your property the clean-cut look it deserves, taking care of areas that lawnmowers aren’t able to reach.     

Once we’ve smartened up the growing grass, we turn our attention to other plant life that takes the opportunity to spread exponentially while the sun shines. Weeds can ruin the appearance of any commercial or residential property, and there’s no replacement for good old-fashioned manual labor when it comes to rooting them out and taking steps to prevent them from returning. This is also a great time to discuss further planting while growing conditions are so favorable.

Once the plants and other garden areas are free of weeds and replete with new plants set to flourish over the coming months, it’s time to turn your attention to items that need to be pruned back. Hedges, trees, shrubs, and other ornamentals can often become overgrown during the summer months and present real issues when they interfere with essential aspects of your building, such as fire escape doors and congregation areas. Our teams use each summer landscaping visit to assess where pruning adjustments need to be made and take action before any problems arise.

Toronto Fall Landscaping Services

In fall, the irrepressible summer growth begins to slow, the temperature starts to drop, and the trees slowly but inevitably begin to lose their leaves. But wasting your time with leaf clearance is an unnecessary drain on your resources, especially when you can pay for professional leaf clearance services that make use of the latest and greatest leaf blowing equipment.

Maple Tree in Autumn
Leaf Cleanup is a cornerstone of our fall services!

When the fall rains come, the leaves can quickly pile up and begin to disintegrate into piles of unsightly debris. Don’t let that happen on your property! Our team has decades of experience relating to effective leaf cleanup and removal. With regular visits from the In Bloom Landscaping teams, you won’t even notice that the leaves have come off the trees!

But fall isn’t just about the leaves; it’s about preparing your outdoor space for the winter too. By hiring professional aerating and fertilizing services for your grassed and laid-to-lawn areas, you can ensure that the damage that the bitter winter usually inflicts is kept to a minimum. Taking proactive action makes the following spring much less of a hassle, and considerably reduces the impact on your resource expenditure next year.

This is also a fantastic time of year to undertake those site improvements that have been on your list for a while. Small on-site construction jobs such as improving walls, introducing paving, reconstituting hardscaped paths, or introducing new access features, are no problem for our highly-experienced Toronto grounds maintenance crews. The best part? We complete these jobs with your residents and customers in mind, minimizing the impact on your daily operations.     

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All-Season Support for Your Property

Landscaping services are a necessity in the constantly changing climate of Toronto and surrounding areas (such as Durham). Whether you need snow removal services for your residential complex, or you need professional leaf clearance for your retail premises parking lot. Our crews at In Bloom Landscaping have over 120 years of combined knowledge pertaining to every aspect of grounds maintenance. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, providing a service that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Whether you need an emergency response to a snowstorm so you can keep your business open, or you want your grounds to look as sharp as possible for the arrival of local dignitaries, we’ll be on hand to help you achieve your goals for your property.

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