Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Spring has arrived, and with it comes warmer temperatures and spending time outdoors. Ensure your commercial property appears beautiful for you and your clients with our sod installation and maintenance services! In Bloom Landscaping is standing by now to deliver the perfect lawn for your property in Toronto or Durham Region. From laying the sod to after treatment and maintenance to ensure a lush green space, you can count on our professionals every step of the way.

Sod Installation Prep

Our team knows the correct way to perform a sod installation! It all starts with a soil test to figure out the pH balance and aeration level of your lawn. This information is key to determining our next steps.

Soils testing before sod installation
Soil pH tests are critical to ensuring your sod with stay healthy and beautiful.

With test results in hand, the team will instantly get to work making adjustments to your soil prior to sod installation. This may include chemical treatment to bring down acid levels in your lawn.

Sod Delivery

Sod Installation Soil Prep Work
After chemical treatment, aeration, and tilling, fresh soil is added prior to sod installation.

Next up, we measure the area and begin our aeration and tilling process. Once fully prepped, the soil is raked level and fresh sod is delivered to your site.

Sod Installation

Commercial Sod Install
The soil is continually leveled and broken up as we work to ensure even compaction.

We unroll your new sod professionally, up-close and hands-on! Experts take extra care to ensure your lawn suffers no wrinkles or air pockets. We professionally cut in every piece of sod! Next up, we break out the lawn roller. This extra step makes sure the sod stays in place and helps it bond with the loose soil underneath.

Sod Maintenance

In the first week after installation, regular daily waterings will be undertaken by our crew. After a week, we water your sod every other day. As the watering decreases, the roots of the sod will reach deeper into the soil searching for moisture and binding it tightly to the earth.

Commercial Property Sod Installation

Are you looking for a trusted sod installation team for your commercial property? In Bloom Landscaping offers a full complement of year-round landscaping packages to keep your property looking great every day.

Another successful sod installation to bring beauty to this condo!

Keep up appearances seasonally with our spring, summer, fall, and winter landscaping packages.

Free Sod Installation Quotes

Reach out to In Bloom Landscaping now and let us know how we can help elevate your property to the next level. From sod installation to lawn maintenance and snow removal, we do it all!