Toronto Spring Landscaping Services

Spring Toronto Landscaping Services

In Bloom Landscaping offers a comprehensive spring landscaping package, including full green space treatment. Sit back and watch your commercial or investment property transform out of winter into a lush green area complete with fully stocked gardens. We sit down with you to go over your property goals before diving into a full analysis of your site to determine how our grounds maintenance team can best serve you. Our Durham Region and Toronto spring landscaping services are specially designed to ensure a healthy and beautiful green space for spring and summer seasons.

Professional Toronto Spring Landscaping Services

At In Bloom Landscaping we know the pride you take in your property. Our Toronto spring landscaping services are specially designed to optimize the health of your green spaces. From large commercial sites to residential complexes, we’ve brought properties all across the greater Toronto area to the next level with unparalleled crews and quality of work. You can rest easy when your investment is being cared for by our experts.

Toronto Spring Landscaping Process

  • Post Winter Cleanup
  • Aeration
  • De-thatching
  • Soiling

Post Winter Cleanup

Our Toronto spring landscaping service gets you a jumpstart on the year ahead. Once the snow has stopped falling our crews will get to work cleaning up from the last season. We will survey your entire site for any trash or storm debris that was hidden in the snow all winter. With unparalleled attention to detail In Bloom Landscaping removes these items and begins to prepare your lawn for treatment.


Toronto Spring Landscaping Services

We’re here to help your lawn breathe easily! The first step of our lawn treatment process involves our crews arriving with our aeration machine. As a result of the aeration process, you will notice a much more lush lawn for the duration of the year. Aeration is vital for lawn health, greatly reducing turf compaction and allowing for better drainage and airflow to your grass.  Once your entire site is aerated we move on to de-thatching.


Spring Landscape Cleanup

Once aeration is complete our crews will further de-thatch any high traffic or problem areas at your particular site. The health of your lawn is paramount to your friends at In Bloom Landscaping. When your lawn is fully de-thatched we move into the soiling process.


Soiling Gardens in the Spring

Once the lawn is breathing correctly, we feed it with high nutrient soil to help stimulate growth. This layer of soil also serves as a base for our seeding services, therefore ensuring seed to soil contact for speedy growth. In no time your property will be surrounded by beautiful green space.


Spring Grass Seed Application

With cleanup, aeration, de-thatching, and soiling out of the way, it’s time for our crews to apply seed to your entire lawn.  Overseeding your property in the spring leads to a thick and healthy lawn for the many months ahead. The soiling process creates a fertile bed for the new seed, promoting fast growth.

Sod Installation

Sodding in the Spring

Every green space has some problem areas. Our crews are experts at the laying and maintaining of sod on your property. With steady watering and tender care, we bring parts of your investment back to life in style. In no time, your new lawn will be mowed with beautiful patterns! It’s just one more reason In Bloom Landscaping is the number one choice for Toronto spring landscaping services.


Planting New Flowers

With our lawn care taken care of, it’s time to move onto the gardens, trees, and bushes. In Bloom Landscaping arrives on-site with all the plants requested to bring you vibrant, beautiful gardens. We apply high-quality soil into the gardens providing flowers and shrubbery with a perfect home. Our site manager will go over any specific plants or needs your property will require. Only red flowers? No problem, we’re here to help!


Pruning Shrubs and Hedges

Last but not least we clean up all the trees, bushes, and shrubbery with a quality pruning treatment. Proper pruning promotes healthy growth and ensures clean lines for your landscape.

The Market Leader in Toronto Spring Landscaping Services

The experts at In Bloom Landscaping offer a seamless solution for your commercial property. Our team won’t rest until everything is perfect. If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area and are ready to take a look at what In Bloom Landscaping can do for your business we’re here to help. Reach out to us today by phone or email to set up your site analysis and quote free of charge.

In Bloom Landscaping serves clients across the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto spring landscaping services are one of our core services, also including wintersummer, and fall services.

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