Tree and Shrub Pruning by Professionals

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Tree and shrub pruning is a crucial part of tree care. If you neglect to prune, your tree or shrub will lose its shape and won’t be able to function properly. Trees that are not pruned can lead to other issues such as water shortages, disease, insect infestation, structural instability, and more.

Tree and Shrub Pruning Benefits

  • Protecting tree crowns: tree and shrub pruning help maintain a tree’s natural shape, which is essential to keep rainwater from collecting and weighing the tree crown down.
  • Maintaining tree health: tree pruning helps keep a tree’s growth at an appropriate level so that it is healthy.
  • Preventing branches from breaking or falling: tree and shrub pruning prevents branch breakage by limiting the weight of the foliage to a manageable size from running off the tree. This reduces stormwater runoff that can cause erosion and damage property. Thick branches of trees are also prone to breakage in high winds if they have not been properly

For these reasons, it’s critical you have a team of proper Toronto landscape experts to handle the pruning on your commercial property!

Fresh Tree and Shrub Pruning

Typical pruning is performed in the spring, at a time when trees are beginning to leaf out. This timing allows for maximum growth during the growing season, while also providing ample opportunity for new buds to form on tree branches.

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