Property Maintenance Experts

So, you’re looking for a professional property maintenance company you can trust with your business? Founded in 1997, the team of industry experts at In Bloom Landscaping boasts a combined experience of over 120 years!

Property Maintenance Experts In Bloom Landscaping

Here at In Bloom Landscaping, commercial property maintenance is our specialty. We are the leading provider in the Greater Toronto Area offering year-round landscaping services. With our dedicated packages tailored to each season in Ontario, Your property will be kept safe and visually pleasing all year long.

Spring Property Maintenance Specialists

Property maintenance crew delivering flowers.
Garden planting in full swing.

The arrival of spring means it’s time to breathe life into your property! From garden planting and post-winter cleanup to sod installation and more! Get our experts on your site today for the professional touch.

Summer Property Maintenance Services to Rely On

Property Maintenance on Condos - Tree Planting
Renovating condos with new saplings in the late Spring

As a property owner, you have enough on your plate. Keeping clients happy and ensuring business relationships are retained is enough stress, you don’t want to worry about your green space too! When you hire In Bloom Landscaping to service your property, you’re going with the best landscaping company in Toronto. Through any weather or season, our team will keep the outdoor spaces on your property looking fresh and professionally groomed.

Fall Property Maintenance: Leaf Cleanup and Winter Prep

Fall property maintenance crew cleaning up leaves.
Our leaf cleanup crew hard at work

The crisp air of early fall shifts property maintenance into leaf cleanup and winter prep mode. Your site is aerated and fertilized to feed it throughout the upcoming winter.

Winter Property Maintenance: Snow Removal and Ice Control

Property maintenance team clearing snow

Come wintertime, In Bloom Landscaping switches over to snow removal and ice control mode. Our storage facility holds salt for any emergencies, meaning we don’t have to rely on a third party to get the job done. Our local snow plow services are ready to clear parking lots, private roads, and other access points to your site.

Year-Round Property Maintenance! Garbage Removal With a Smile

Property maintenance through garbage collection
Our services include condo pickup and all on-site trash receptacles.

Do your property needs include garbage pickup and disposal? In Bloom Landscaping is proud to be a full-service property maintenance company. Our team will collect trash and recyclables from your location and transport them to the proper facilities.

Nearby Landscaping Company

At In Bloom Landscaping, we’re part of the Greater Toronto community! We raise our families in cities from Mississauga to Bowmanville and beyond. We’re proud of our community and dedicate ourselves to making it a more beautiful place to work and live in.