Lawn Mowing Patterns

Lawn Mowing Patterns and Techniques

Looking to give your home a professional landscaping touch? Simple lawn mowing patterns can help give your lawn a professionally treated feel! In Bloom Landscaping provides high-quality lawn care to Toronto and Durham Region. Today we’re here to show you a few basic mowing patterns worthy of a professional sports stadium.

How Do Lawn Mowing Patterns Work?

We’ve all seen attractive lawn mowing patterns at the golf course or watching soccer or baseball. What you’re seeing is the grass bent at different angles from one another! The grass is not a different height or breed. These differences cause the light to reflect differently, creating a pleasing aesthetic tone for your landscaping.

Lawn Mowing Patterns at Wrigley Field
The lawn striping patterns used at Wrigley Field in Chicago present a clean and flowing look that draws the eyes in. 

Direction Causes Reflection

The direction the grass is bent determines whether you’re making light or dark stripes. If the blades are bent away from the viewer, more of the of grass becomes exposed to the sun, so the grass appears lighter.

The Secret Weapon for Lawn Mowing Patterns

The simplest way to achieve high-quality stripes in your lawn involves attaching a roller to the back of your mower. Think of it as a giant rolling pin trailing behind your mower. The roller pushes or pulls the grass depending on which direction the mower travels. Canadian Tire and other shops like Princess Auto carry several rolling solutions depending on the size and type of lawnmower you own.

Professional Lawn Mowing Patterns From In Bloom Landscaping

Our sites always use exciting lawn mowing patterns. If you own property in the Greater Toronto Area, contact In Bloom Landscaping – local property maintenance experts. We offer packages to keep your investment looking great through all four seasons. Lawn Care is included in our Spring, Summer, and Fall packages.

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