Line Trimming Lawn Care in Toronto

Line Trimming in Toronto

Line trimming is a great way to maintain your lawn. You can do it yourself, with the help of a friend, or hire a professional service company like In Bloom Landscaping for some extra help. Line-trimming and edging are important aspects of lawn maintenance that lawn care experts should regularly perform to keep your yard looking its best throughout the year! Learn more about the benefits of line trimming and how we can bring out the best in your property.

Line Trimming Benefits

Line trimming gets rid of thatch or grass growing too high and creating a layer on the ground. Thatch blocks air from reaching new grass shoots, so it is necessary to remove this build-up every two weeks or as needed (usually when it’s over three inches tall).

Edging Benefits

Why edging? Edging removes all those pesky weeds in your lawn’s borders by getting rid of any growth near tree roots or other landscaping features like trees or gardens. It highlights elements of your landscape by drawing the eye. Edging removes weeds from the borders of your yard by getting rid of growth close to roots or other landscaping elements.

Line Trimming a Sidewalk

Line Trimming and More With Our Complete Summer Lawncare

Our landscaping professionals are here to ensure your property looks clean and beautiful all summer long. From gardens to greenspace, we service it all to ensure your property looks its best for you and your clients!

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